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Foreign-Egypt: Live talk with Legendary Hany Shenouda on Wednesday

Global Citizen Talks online show is to host the legendary Egyptian Musician Hany Shenouda this Wednesday to highlight the important stations in his unique career journey . The live talk will also give the audience a chance to watch the amazing composer Shenouda while playing some of his magical tracks and greatest hits.

Under the theme “ Power of Music in Challenging Times”, Shenouda is to talk about the role of music in connecting people and the influence of Globalization on music industry. While sharing highlights of Shenoda’s career journey, the audience are expected to understand how music is a universal language across time and space.

Hany Shenouda is known for leading the 1970s ensemble El-Massreieen (The Egyptians). He composed the soundtracks for over 80 Egyptian films.

The talk will be in English and will be broadcast via the official Facebook pages of The Ministry of Youth and Sports and the African Youth Bureau.

GCTalks is organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports.

GCTalks works on empowering youth and building bridges of communication between them and senior officials and experts from across the world, enrich youth culture and enhance the concept of unity.

GCTalks works in line with the sustainable development goals SDGs and African Agenda 2063.

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